Curriculum Vitae

Until now

Born in 1976, Gudrun Eva Minervudottir graduated from The University of Iceland with a degree in philosophy in June 2007. A professional writer since 1998, she has been living off state grants, book sales, translations from English, a bit of journalism and various projects. Before that she was a full time student and a bartender.


1998 (Bjartur) Á meðan hann horfir á þig ertu María mey (While He Looks at You, You Are the Virgin Mary) – A collection of short stories. Published also in France (Zulma) in 2008.
1999 (Bjartur) Ljúlí ljúlí (nonsense-words from a lullaby) – A novel.
2000 (Bjartur) Fyrirlestur um hamingjuna (A Lecture on Happiness) – A novel, nominated for the national award for literature.
2002 (Bjartur) Albúm (Album) – Short stories/prose poems, autobiographical.
2002 (Bjartur) Sagan af sjóreknu pianóunum (The Story of the Seaborne Pianos) – A novel, nominated for the DV literature award.
2005 (Mál og menning) Yosoy (On Mind-Fuck and Body-Art in the Horror Theatre of Álafoss) – A novel, winner of the DV literature award. Also published in Italy (Scritturapura) under the title Circus of Art and Pain. Filming Rights were bought by Pegasus production company. Due to be published in Denmark (Artpeople) in 2012.
2008 (JPV) Skaparinn (The Creator/The Maker) – A novel, nominated for the national award for literature. It has been published in Germany, Italy and Finland and will soon be out in England and France.
2011 Allt með kossi vekur (All Is Awakened With a Kiss) A novel. Winner of the Icelandic Prize for Literature. Elected book of the year by Morgunbladid newspaper.

Photo: All rights reserved: Sigtryggur Ari Jóhannsson