All is Awakened With a Kiss


The new book is out, called Allt með kossi vekur – All is Awakened With a Kiss.

Indi is caught in a web of her own lies, severely addicted to cleaning and shopping and downright loosing her struggle with everyday life. Rescue comes in the unlikely form of Indi’s old schoolfriend, the charismatic but unstable Elisabet. Not everything goes  ccording to plan, however, and rays of hope are banished by a cloud of plagues and horrors, accompanied by the destructive forces of erupting mount Katla.

Thirteen years later events are being carefully unearthed by Elisabet’s son, David. Through documents and drawings, hearsay and his mothers’ dubious recounts he learns the disturbing truth about the fate of Indi, while getting to know the banality of evil and the meaning of genuine, heroic sacrifice.

Did Elisabet have a destructive effect on everybody around her? Did the Katla eruption perhaps bring out the evil in people? Did the one true kiss possess some undefined terrible power?

All is Awakened with a Kiss is a powerful and imaginative story in the same vein as Minervudóttir’s previous stories, where the narrative dances on the boundaries of reality and fantasy. Illustrations are by Sunna Sigurdardottir. 351 pp

November 5, 2011 News