The Creator was published by Portobello on the 6th of September. Available on Amazon. Translated by Sarah Bowen. Thank you, Sarah!
Cover text: A provocative tale of isolation, friendship, the uses of sex and the art of finding salvation in the most unexpected of places.

September 12, 2012 News


Skáldsagnaskrif eru ekki einstaklingsíþrótt. Sögurnar mínar verða að miklu leyti til í samræðum við frjótt og skemmtilegt fólk og samvinnu við vana ritstjóra. Ég býð upp á einkatíma fyrir ykkur sem eruð að skrifa skáldsögu eða smásögur og vantar stuðning, hvatningu og hagnýtar leiðbeiningar.

Ef þú ert að vinna að skáldverki, eða þekkir einhvern sem hefði gott af að viðra hæfileika sína, hafðu þá samband með því að senda mér einkaskilaboð á Fésbók eða línu í netfangið

Ljóð og leikrit eru ekki mín sérgrein, en þið sem eruð með kvikmyndahandrit í smíðum eruð í góðum höndum hjá Hinni íslensku frásagnarakademíu.

September 11, 2012 News


New novel “All Is Awakened With a Kiss” was awarded the finest prize for literature last week. And on the 8th of January it was also elected book of the year by Morgunbladid newspaper. With me on the picture are my husband, Marteinn (Matti), with our daughter Minerva (Ina) and in the blinding light stands Páll, who got the non-fiction prize. Behind us is a painting by Kjarval.

February 2, 2012 News


The new book is out, called Allt með kossi vekur – All is Awakened With a Kiss.

Indi is caught in a web of her own lies, severely addicted to cleaning and shopping and downright loosing her struggle with everyday life. Rescue comes in the unlikely form of Indi’s old schoolfriend, the charismatic but unstable Elisabet. Not everything goes  ccording to plan, however, and rays of hope are banished by a cloud of plagues and horrors, accompanied by the destructive forces of erupting mount Katla.

Thirteen years later events are being carefully unearthed by Elisabet’s son, David. Through documents and drawings, hearsay and his mothers’ dubious recounts he learns the disturbing truth about the fate of Indi, while getting to know the banality of evil and the meaning of genuine, heroic sacrifice.

Did Elisabet have a destructive effect on everybody around her? Did the Katla eruption perhaps bring out the evil in people? Did the one true kiss possess some undefined terrible power?

All is Awakened with a Kiss is a powerful and imaginative story in the same vein as Minervudóttir’s previous stories, where the narrative dances on the boundaries of reality and fantasy. Illustrations are by Sunna Sigurdardottir. 351 pp

November 5, 2011 News


Ok, that is kind of irrelevant. Here is the speech:

An address by Guðrún Eva Mínervudóttir to mark the opening of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2011

Ladies and gentlemen

I am grateful for the honor of addressing you here today. On behalf of my good colleagues in the writing profession, as well as all those working in the Icelandic publishing world, I would also like to express gratitude for Iceland’s opportunity to bask in the spotlight of the largest and most respected book fair in the world. —continue reading this article

October 15, 2011 News


On the 15th of August The Creator was published in Germany by btb (Random House).

Here is a link to the first review:

September 1, 2011 News


English publishing house Portobello has found Sarah Bowen, able and willing to translate Skaparinn (The Creator/Maker/Doll Maker – the English title has not yet been decided).

She speaks Norwegian and Faeroese as well as Icelandic and lives in London.

I truly like her style and will soon publish the first few chapters of Skaparinn here on this site.

March 7, 2011 News


The Creator has been published in Finland under the name Nukentekija (Dollmaker). This is a picture of it in a bookstore in a shopping-mall in Turku.

I went to the Turku bookfair and found out that my Finnish publishing company, Atena, is run by wonderful people with great love of books.

This year they also published (among others) a lovely little book with pictures of firemen with their cats. I bought 2 copies.

Finland is, as you perhaps know, the best country in the world, according to Newsweek.

October 5, 2010 News


The other day I had the pleasure of introducing (to one another) Johann Axelsson (80) a world class scientist wonder-child and Sunna Sigurdardottir (30) a marvelous illustrator. They are very special friends of mine and collaborators in the business of writing books. They both had wristwatches with broken glass-plates.

This might be metaphysical proof of time being fragmentary and irrelevant.

October 5, 2010 News


“When he looks at you, you are virgin Mary” (my first book, a short story – collection) was published in Iceland in 1998 (Bjartur) and in France 2008 (Zulma). Strange (but nice) things are happening to it over there. It has been the inspiration of art work in a project called Stolen Books (see picture), a theatre company has bought the rights to it and one of the stories will be bound in leather and exhibited in Sweden.

March 15, 2010 News